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New Old Gun

New Old Gun

NEW OLD GUN is a new version of the old Havaianas Guns. The main intention of shaper Gilberto Nogueira in this model was to facilitate the surfing of big waves with a board that has a special stroke, great sensitivity and a lot of safety in the digs, combined with a very “user friendly” usability.

STEP DECK + RAIL CHANNEL: Very thick, guaranteeing excellent paddling power, at the same time keeping the edges lower, which allows greater grip on the wave wall, providing more safety and stability in maneuvers, making it easier to grip the edge during surfing, in addition to help with the durability of the board!

BABY SWALLOW TAIL: A super narrow tail as well as the pin tail, but ending in a baby swallow! Making the board more maneuverable, without compromising the safety that a Gun needs to have!

REVERSE FOIL ON THE NOZZLE: Generates momentum when paddling and cuts the wave’s swings! Bottom curves, concaves and fin positioning meticulously designed to complete the set of this revolutionary gun!

Recommended size: from 7′ 0″ to 12'6″ (or even larger)

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