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This is the right model for big waves, offering safe surfing. You can have full confidence in the equipment, generally used to complete the athletes' quiver for sea conditions where the Semi Gun will be small. If you're looking for solid surfing, chasing strong, tubular waves, the GUN model is for you.

As it has a narrower tail, round pin, a wider and slightly more voluminous nose, this high-performance design is suitable for large, strong and fast waves. It has a lot of rocker that fits well in wave holes, allowing deep digs with a lot of strength. The specially refined edges, the V-bottom of the board and the simple concave give the board plenty of drive and safety for critical situations during surfing.

Recommended size: 6 to 10 inches larger than a traditional board, depending on the size of the sea you intend to catch.

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Todas as nossas pranchas são feitas individualmente e permitem customização (pintura, medidas). No nosso website você pode simular o preço final da sua compra e após recebermos o seu pedido nós entramos em contato para acertar os detalhes finais.


If you are in doubt, contact us and we will help you choose the perfect model for your surfing level!