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La Cuchara

La Cuchara

LA CUCHARA is the longboard that mixes two great designs with the performance of the bonga, combining the design of a more progressive surf, with faster maneuvers with the speed and maneuverability of the flexibility of the step deck of the The Boss model.

In addition to these details, Gilberto made this long even more nervous by making her nose with the deck inverted, very reminiscent of our old new guns, a detail that makes the nose even more sensitive and safe for maneuvers. The cuchara is a longboard considered a middle ground between a classic long and a progressive one. It's a board for those who want a little more paddling, stability and safety when walking to the tip, without being as bulky as a Classic model.

Its configuration makes it easier for surfers who like to vary their maneuvers on the nose of the board with curves and projection maneuvers. It adapts well to any wave conditions, and can be used by different types of surfers.

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